Green Lake

I enjoy
Walking in circles
Following the path
As I count
The ducks bobbing
In the water
I smile
At the couples
Walking their dogs
And catch sight
Of Beth’s along the park’s edge
I look across
The lake
Mapping my distance
As watching
The spot where I began
This journey
Step by step
I once walked around
This lake twice
About one summer night
I feel myself falling back
Into that memory
And this is what
This trek brings me
A return
A way to reminisce
Pull myself back
into a circle
So I am walking
Backwards to a moment
I was a little more carefree
And a lot less stressed
I walk around
Green Lake
Watching squirrels run
From tree to tree
Examine the Seattle Public Theatre
Pausing to read the upcoming performances
And making a mental note
To visit a play but I know
I will forget
With every
Step by step
I enjoy the houses
I play architect in my head
Creating my dream home
Near the lake
So each day
I could visit the waters
Enjoy watching people
As I found myself returning
Back to thoughts
Of my youth
When I ran through trees
Appreciating nature
While still in the city
Step by step
I enjoy
Walking in circles


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