SoDo reminds me of mildew

The buildings sagging

With the paint dripping and seeping

Down the walls

Making my way to the Showbox

Maneuvering through broken glass

And tufts of daisies

Trying not to trip

On the broken sidewalk

A ghost town after six pm

The buildings huddle together

Skeletons clamoring

Beneath the looming Starbucks building

Peeking, glaring down at the street

Feeling one inch tall

A miniature plastic toy person

Slowly scooting down a cardboard back drop

Avoiding the hollow storefront grins

Of empty display windows with graffiti glares

Until my eyes focus on a burst of color

An interruption, a disruption

To the monochrome backdrop

Four paintings

Hanging in a glass display

A small gallery for eyes

Exhibiting Seattle-based singers

Swirls of paint, revealing

Each one immersed in their music

Their passion

Bursts off the canvas

And I stop to watch their show

A silent symphony

The ache, the joy and the love

Running down them

In layers of brush strokes

Colors swirl in my view

And I know

This is my inspiration

This is the inspiration of the city

The random bursts of passion

Dripping into view

Exploding from the monochrome

In arbitrary moments


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