Six Cups of Your Body (National Poetry Month Challenge 7)

Find a favorite recipe. Now write a poem inspired or in the style of that recipe about a family
secret—yours or someone else’s.

Take six cups of your body
And boil it in dating
Stir in the men
For about seven to eight minutes
Then drain out
The common come-ons and advancements
You are left
With a soft and mushy mind
Stir in four drinks
Add in the right phrases, the right stories
Then mix them together
Again and again
Serve it up for dinner
Or maybe a late night snack
Your body becomes a feast
A comfort
Food for many greedy mouths
And when you are full
When the sex is over
And you are throwing yourself in the shower
If it isn’t perfect
You can do it again and again
Simply add six more cups of your body
And maybe add in sprinkle of affection
Dice up an age difference and little exploration
For at the end of the day
It is for you and your taste buds


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