To The Sun

To the sun
I know March 20th
Marked the beginning
Of you peeking
Out of the clouds more
To raise the temperature
To warm our clammy skin
And draw us out from our dark caves
You melt away the gray dreary skies
And replace it with endless color
From sprouting and blooming flowers
And as much as I enjoy
Shaking off the winter
I have one request

When you are melting into the horizon
And burst into a larger ball of flame
Raging your fire one more time
Before you disappear
Can you turn it down a notch?
Just a smidge
Because this short girl
Even though admire your glorious beauty
I would love to be able to see
Where I am driving
And your light shines over the dash
I am unable to block it with the visor
Since I am too short
So if you could tame your late afternoon flames
That would be remarkable


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