Swarm (National Poetry Month Challenge 6)

Write a poem in two sections about two completely different things. Have the title link both items
today in a surprising way.

I remember seeing a white flower blooming
In the middle of the brush
The white petals glowed
Among a sea of green tentacles
I wanted to capture this beauty
Stepped off the sidewalk
Inching my feet into the jungle of brush and vines
Aimed my camera, I learned forward
Trying to focus on the shining petals
When I noticed the ground crawling
Focused my gaze more, and noticed a tiny beetle
Then I notice another
And another
An army of tiny beetles
Black and compact, vigorously marching
Crawling and invading the ground
I looked down and noticed
They had started to crawl over my shoes
Jumping back onto the sidewalk, back to safety
And watched the ground become swallowed up
In a sea of tiny black beetles

I was one person in the crowd
Filling up the theater
Pushing toward the stage
The temperature of the room
Had already started to increase
We shuffled back and forth
I looked up, up
Studying the ornate designs in the ceiling
Focusing my gaze on the patterns, their curves, their edges
A hard shove to my side brought me back to the stage
The crowd had grown to the point of intolerable
As bodies crushed together
Storming the stage
People scrambled over each other
I found myself surrounded by giants
All holding up their cellphones
I was lost in a sea of cellphones
Watching the concert through the tiny screens


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