The Recoil (National Poetry Month Challenge 5)

Write a poem about a weird fact or several odd facts that you know.

If it takes you more than four weeks to get over a breakup, you have already fallen in love with that person. That’s why your brain won’t let go, even if your heart has
Breakups are hard to deal with because the body and mind go through withdrawal-Like drug addiction, we become addicted to love
Loneliness is process in the same part of the brain as physical pain

You were my addiction
Lips quivered as my mouth
Went through withdrawal from your name
My soul recoiled as my heart broke
Slowly at first, I felt the cracks inch
Up my heart until it broke
Exploded into fragments
Until tears spilled out
I wailed for days racked in pain
Loneliness clung to my lungs
Until I was gasping, shuddering
My fingers itched to call
I needed to call, you
Hear you breathe, your voice
Alone, I needed someone there
Wrapping their arms around me
Securing me in warmth and comfort
But, caught in the trap of your vacancy
Life was ending
And loneliness eased itself in
Grating along my bones, tearing at my insides
It had been a month since you left
And your ghost was still feasting on my sanity


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