Your Mouth (National Poetry Month Challenge 3)

Write a poem that is really a love letter to an old flame. To make sure it’s doesn’t slip into sappy,
make sure one or more of these words are in the poem: dung beetle, politician, nuclear, exoskeleton,
oceanography, pompadour, toilet.

I remember your smile
It was the first thing I noticed
About you
Your lips, the most perfect
Curved exoskeleton
Guiding and stretching
Your mouth into a smile
That lit up the room
And I fell for it
Stumbled to catch
Every sweet word
Rolling off
Your pompadour tongue
I found myself lost in the story
You spun me every night
For months and months
I should have studied
Your eyes more
Then maybe I would have seen
The ocean of your soul
Was really a shallow pond
In which you were drowning in
And then maybe
I wouldn’t have fallen in love
With your politician mouth


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