Broke the Sun (Repost January 2016)

Broke the sun
With the charcoal tip of my pencil
Smudged out half of it
So I could drive better home
Recreate nature
To nurture my demands
Rattling over and over in my head
Until I am obsessing over punctuation
Toxicity of fracturing sentences
They mix together in the cauldron
Of our relationship
Clattering and clicking at each other
We find silence is the only thing that works between us
Too busy peeling away what we don’t like about each other
Unable to speak to one another
So adjust the tint on my windows
I have perfected quiet
Choosing the back roads over the freeway
Regardless if they take an hour longer
For it is in those moments
I soothe the hiss of your name in my head
And forget the look on your face as I left


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