Rounding out my blog’s year… so welcome some reposts

So as any writer, artist, poet, dancer, gamer, etc. would say, I need a little downtime. The rest of the week and all of next I am going to repost some of the more popular poems of the blog year, and you can have a little time to revisit my crazy, often angry, sometimes sad, and occasionally bubbly rants. To avoid the idea of being burned out, I am going to divert my creative drive to some other crafty feats I need to get done like my 2014 scrapbook and possibly work on a short story or two for my other WordPress blog. in case you want to check it out. I appreciate everyone that takes time to read my poems and follow my verbal musings. I love the commentary I have received throughout the year. Thank you all for your support and I will have some new stuff starting on April 3.


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