Words saturate my skin
Spilling out my mind
Until I am submerged
Into a pool of ideas
Grasping at sentences
Trying to stay afloat
For I am drowning
In my own thoughts
Overflowing until I am sick
Each word weighs upon
My shoulders
Drawing me down, down
Until my arms
Are limp with creativity
And frustration
Makes a home in my fingers
Feeling soggy, the alphabet
Drips off me
Lethargic, my mind sleeps
And soon I am dreaming
With words swirling around me
Ideas breaking apart
And reassembling
Over and over again
So I wake up lost
Unable to regain the thoughts
Holding me hostage
The previous day
Is worse than
Writer’s block
For so much to say
But unable to catch
Every idea
Before it makes a getaway
Leaving unfinished stories, projects
And me
Furiously trying to stitch
Them together
But I cannot sew
So in the end
They are incomplete
With jagged edges
Giving me paper cuts
Tiny bites
These words
Are so needy


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