Red Light

The light changes red
The cars come to a lurch

Screeeeeching to a stop

My mind
Keeps moving forward

I have to write tonight
How many poems…
I should really write about


I have to do…
I promised to see…

I remember when life was simple
No job, no chores

I need a nap
Or a drink…

I should really write a poem about HIM
He had the most PERFECT mouth
I should call him

I wish he would call me

Almost the weekend…
I can’t wait to go dancing
Maybe I will get to dance with somebody

Phone comes alive
Rattling in the cup holder
Bells and whistles ignite the silence
And I roll my eyes at the explosion

I remember when we could just take off
Silence, your partner

Now we are always connect, always reachable

God, I hate phones

I wish he would call

Dancing this weekend,
Maybe I will dance with someone

Like last time…

He was young
Too young

I really should write about that

I really should reorganize the closet
So cluttered, I can’t even find…


He really does have the most perfect mouth
And his kiss… YUM!


The light flickering green
Quickly press my foot to the gas pedal
Surging forward to chase after my mind
That seemed to escape while the light had changed red


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