Afternoon Adventures

Rain collects on my shoulders
Feet drowning in every puddle to the door
Until they become fins
I feel like a fish flopping around
Never quite making it back into the fishbowl
The cold air hits my back and I


Teeth clattering
Gripping arms close
Springtime shouldn’t bring freezing rain

Hurry! Grab the bags!

Panicked looks, my son and I exchange
The rain grows more furious
Look up waiting for the sky open up and swallow us whole
Instead bombarded in the eye

First victim down!

Hurry to the door!

Gather the groceries on arms
My arms become steel racks carrying every item
Purchased early that day
Gritting teeth
We scale the stairs

Almost there!

So ready for spring!

Stumbling through the door
The rain chases after us
Every drop grabbing at my pant legs
Until they are dripping
From afternoon adventures


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