When I should have been sleeping

Minutes are ticking away
Night dances outside my window
Lying in bed with only the television
Keeping me company


I watch the light and shadows jumping
Pouncing on each other, over and over
Unable to sleep, I stare at the ceiling

Sigh. Why? I have to work in the morning.

Muted dialogue hums in the background
The same reruns I had watched earlier
But, I am unable to close my eyes

Thoughts roaring
My mind is a circus
And I am the beginner lion tamer

I have to stop thinking… especially if I want to be functioning tomorrow

Every thought tangling
Twisting into knots
Binding my brain
So I am fully awake
And dreams are fast asleep

Move to the right side then I shift to the left
I keep pondering my job, my son


More than a board game
Ideas and inspirations, tiny
Plastic pieces
Trying to buy with paper money

The television caresses my body
I close my eyes
Force feed my mind with sleep

I need to sleep.

I am spinning
In a carousel
Inspiration doesn’t always come
In daylight

Turn on the light
I let my hands come alive
Spilling out my thoughts
Into tangled letters, sentences

I feel up the pages
Attempting to empty my head
Pour myself out

To be free.

I let myself unravel
Late one night

When I should be sleeping


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