Stop and go
Stop and go
Forever caught in a bumper car amusement ride
I am not amused
But trying not to collide
They swerve and buck, these cars
Swarming from either side
Stop and go
Stop and go
Hey! Stay in your lane!
Can we move faster?
Moving forward inch by inch
The tunnel continues to swallow down
Endless line of traffic
Please move faster…
Fidgeting in my seat
Until my fingers dances over the radio knob
Spinning it around and around for it is the only thing moving
Music comes in garbled pieces and melodies
The same five songs.
Ugh, why can’t they save the slow songs for the afternoon?

Oh we are moving!
Jerking forward, the ride begins
Revving of motors gear up the rush
As the crowd floods the tunnel
Seriously, can these lanes get any narrower?
Squeezing closer and closer
Until gripping concrete and watching the car next to you
A pinball in the morning commute
Stop and go
Stop and go
The sun greets us on the other side
Flooding the view
Eyes squinting and tears molding to the corners
Oh fuck!
Bright searing light coating the view
Trying to block the sun and driving becomes a balancing act
Guiding the car with one hand while fighting off the sun with the other
Seattle is the city of Goth kids and sparkly vampires
All fleeing from the light
Come on! Really!! This fiery ball from hell…
The road and cars disappear melding into fluorescent outlines
Slowing down, trying to gather the outlines
Trying to see once again
It is too early for this…
Stop and go
Stop and go
Horn blaring mixes with my least favorite song playing on the radio
Competing to irritate me
Traffic was winning
Tears sliding down my face
Everything is a swirl of electric blue and burning yellow
A cloud! What I would give for a cloud…
Cars begin to slow again and I slam on my brakes
Breath catching in my throat as I brace
To be absorbed into the greasy spot of color
Holding my eye hostage
Stop and go
Stop and go
Screeeech! Sigh.
Can we move?
Why the hell did I get up this morning?


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