He had only wanted the grapes, but elected

To chase hens instead

Chased them around, around the house

With scandalous smile and itchy paws

Bright pink tongue lathering his lips

So his words would be slick

He snagged your attention at the door

All gingers do, bright orange rang an alert

You knew he would have a riddle to sell you

Leaving you swooning for hours

Not missing your finery or your pride he stole

As he exited to the left and danced in the moonlight

And with the right shadow, his ears

Became horns

He held tricks in his back pocket

And treated many to the sharpness of his teeth

Deceiving the wolf and stealing from the crow

Were only a few of his adventures

He had no problem telling you these stories

And if you paid attention

You may have understood

Trusting a fox

Wasn’t the wisest thing


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