Name (Inspired by Hailee Steinfeld)

I know how to scream my own name
–“Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld

Compliments loiter upon skin
Residue of cheap one liners
That don’t disappear
When you shower
They hover at the door
Whispering to come in
Tapping on the walls
Persistent, unyielding
Like them, the messengers
Breathing in ear
Crawling into your personal space
Making your body home
To their anger, hatred, grief
Littering misplaced insecurities
While greedy tongues
Try to pocket your self-worth
Watch them invading the edges
Clicking tongues and ogling eyes
Shadows gather upon skin
In scheming hellos and forceful drinks
Causing you to scream
Louder and louder into their faces
As if you are the wolf to their pigs
And you are blowing them away
Blowing them back home
For you know your own name
And you don’t need to hear a stranger
Breathing it into your ear


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