NYR-Reading Challenge: Big Picture by Elizabeth Gilbert


The Challenge-A Book Published This Year: Big Magic (Creative Living Beyond Fear) by Elizabeth Gilbert

It is official! I finished reading my first book for 2016 and my new year’s resolution is underway. So now, I am going to attempt to review it or give my personal feelings on the book.

I did fib a little on my book choice, and I chose a book that was published at the end of 2015, but I figured it was close enough to the new year that it would be okay. I chose to read the latest book from Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic. I became a fan of her personal narratives with Eat, Pray, Love and Committed. This book delved into the subject of Creative Living, and me being a writer, poet, and generally arts and crafty person was interested in the subject.

I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book. It made me feel like I was sitting with her and discussing the subject. She filled the book with personal experiences, stories and anecdotes, which drew me more into the idea of creative living and served to keep my interest. She broke creative living into six parts of discussion: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. Each part focused on one aspect of embracing your creative side.

Now, time for what I took away from the book, because I believe each person will embrace their own messages.

1. Have the courage to embrace your creative side and take chances.
2. Define yourself as a creative person. Speak it out to the world and stand by it.
3. Listen for your creativity, because you will find it the small details and the big picture.
4. It is okay if you are the only one to enjoy your creativity. There is no guarantee for your name in lights, and you should enjoy your interest for what it does for you.
5. Hard work. It won’t be an easy road. There will be plenty of hard work as well as easy prizes. You have to accept the rough as well as the easy.
6. Creativity doesn’t mean suffering. Welcome the trickster into your life.
7. Passion is great, but isn’t a reliable leader. Let curiosity lead your path.
8. Each creation is yours, but be willing to change. Don’t put them on a pedestal. They are your creations not your babies.
9. Failure leads to learning.
10. And the most important.. you love your creative endeavors, and they love you in return. Your creations wouldn’t be shared if it wasn’t for you, so you both need each other.

Overall, I found the book inspiring and excited to see what creative journeys await me.


Next up… Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


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