The Wind Blew Away the Excuses (first published on my blog November 2015)

The wind blew away all the excuses
I watched the rain flood the streets
And all the fallen trees, broken splintered
Promises littering the kitchen table
I shoved them in a Rolodex
Then waited
For the power to go out
So I could display each of them
Without anyone watching
Then the wind came and blew away my excuses
So time to face this pain
Spun the wheel
And let your words leave another paper cut
The words still lived within in
Unruly tenants trashing the rooms
Smashing the memories down to the bad times
I almost had forgotten your smile
Except for the one photo
Tucked in the back
Folded so many times
That creases had invaded your face
Traced the edges and remembered
The wind blew away my excuses
And I couldn’t fight the feelings
For I knew I still loved you
But I couldn’t make you love me


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