Chipped Smiles and Splintered Gazes (first published on blog August 2015)

A beautiful

I balance
Upon the lines of sidewalk
Toes wedge
In cracks
So I could stand straight

Ask me to smile
So chip away
My mouth
Until the cracks
Create a crooked grin

Nail polish flacks
Confetti around my feet
You twist my head
To bend the light
Through the prisms of my eyes

Shatter my irises
With your sneer
I am expendable
To this game
Turn my head
Around and around

Until, dizzy with my name
You push your fingers into my chipped mouth
Forcing lips open
Muffling my thoughts
As you scrawl your desires
Upon my tongue

Tilt me back
Until curling
Into myself
Then tell me
This is love

My tongue clatters like a bell
And my tears jingle
As they hit the sidewalk
You stand there
In my splintered view
Eating popcorn
As you watch me fall apart


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