Captivated (first published on my blog February 2014)

Basically, I wish that you loved me

I wish that you needed me-Nicest Thing by Kate Nash



At this table

I still am captivated

By your mouth

When you say hello

The way you smile when you see me

Feels like home

I wish I could tuck that stray piece of hair

Behind your ear

I sit here with hands clasped

Fighting the urge

To reach out and touch your face

I wish you would see me some days

They say that someone who can’t see your light

See your value, then they aren’t worth your time

But, they hadn’t met you

We are so perfect together

Spend hours talking

You always know how to make me laugh

I wish you would talk about me

Like the girl you had met last Friday night

Sitting here,

Our conversation circles me, until I am knotted

Into every topic

And not wanting to escape

I am still

Captivated by your mouth

And the way it says hello

I wish you adored me

That your hands would meet mine halfway

If only I could confess these ideas

But I sit here, quietly

Until you get up and leave

Leave me

Watching you fade into the crowd

From this table

Captivated by you


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