A Love Poem For Mondays (first published on my blog on June 2014)

Wakes me up slowly

With Sunday caught on my tongue

And Tuesday on its way home

Groggy, I try to hide

From the consequences of yesterday

And the expectations of today

Laughing, she is always laughing at me

Pulling away the blankets

Whispering in my ears

Wake up, wake up

For you can’t sleep forever

Let your voice out

To race the streets

Chase down the sun

Her words tickling my neck

Fingertips trace my back

An old lover, she finds me here

Jostling me awake

So I can find my way home

I found solace in her warmth

A home in her shadow

Every morning comes

After each night

Laughing, she is always laughing at me

Press my lips to hers

A musty kiss of the consequences of yesterday

I leave her with the expectations of today

Infidelity of her smile

Keeps me coming back

Her whispers tease me

I find home in her shadows

Knowing I will be in her warmth every Monday morning


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