Phone and Leaves

I let the phone ring
Distracted by the leaves
Rustling back and forth in the wind
The phone kept screaming
Until I finally declined the call
The silence filled the room
Sighing in relief, I focused
On the trees and their leaves
Swishing back and forth
They glowed, shimmered with every shift
I wanted to run my fingers through them
And feel the smooth surface tickle my fingertips
The phone won’t give up
Its need to be the center of my attention
Jumping and vibrating, it shook the table
My eyes were drawn to the unknown number
Flickering and flashing on the screen
A greedy child wailing for attention
It banged and screeched leaving me to mute
Every notification
Closing my eyes, I waited
For the soft whispers of the leaves
Crackling and hissing
I wanted to disappear to a secluded isle
Surrounded in trees whispering in my ear
Escaping the technological cage I lived in
Phone invasions with every ring and whistle
Disturbing every serene moment
With some notification on what everyone else was doing
I missed the times
You could disappear for an afternoon
Having time to myself and to breathe
But now, the phone played warden
Buzzing and vibrating on tabletop
Crashing through my daydreams
Until all I could do was walk away
Leaving it throwing a tantrum on my kitchen table


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