Candy Canes and Dirt

Candy always thought candy canes
Tasted like dirt
So it was easy to assume
She never really enjoyed the holidays
So when the New Year approached
She wanted to pull the red stripes from candy canes
And knot them around the necks
Of every plastic Santa and snowman she found

Candy disliked the crowds
They reminded her of mud
Sloppy and catching on her clothes
She would have to push her way through the mobs
To just get home
Exhausted of every thought, of every spark of energy
Before she got home

Candy would hide under the blankets
Avoiding all the advertisements
With families and friends exchanging gifts
Smiling all fake as they delivered an artificial story of hope
She hated the lies embedded in the holidays
So much she stopped answering her phone on November 26th
And didn’t answer until January 2nd

Candy had always thought candy canes tasted like dirt
Even as a little girl
When her mother would cram one in her mouth
To shut Candy up so her mother could continue gossiping
With all the other mothers from the block

Candy remembered her father
Drinking in his merriment throughout the holiday season
To numb his nerves before the New Year
When all the new demands would come pounding at his door
And he would disappear for a couple weeks
To avoid her mother’s hiss

Candy canes reminded Candy of the dysfunction
She woke up to every Christmas morning
When she opened her gifts alone
And her silence broke
With her mother complaining and her father running out the door

Candy hated the holidays


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