Candles and Daggers

He lit candles between them
So he could see the flames flicker in her eyes
Each flicker, a hope she would listen
She would forgive him
Putting away the daggers in her eyes
Silence was their mediator
Every sentence she spoke
Jagged, cutting into him
For she told him, she only saw his mistake
In his apologies
Gripping at his pants’ legs
So the handprints stained and the evidence
Still lingered upon his frown
His sulking shadow, hunching forward
As he pushed around the memories
And hoped only one would make her see
He still loved her
She watched in the candles
Melting away
And the daggers disappeared from her eyes
To rest in her heart
And she spoke one final thing
How could he promise her his heart
Promise her all his love
When he threw it at the first hungry mouth
That spoke his name


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