Top Hats and Tutus

She felt like a superhero
When she wore her top hat, slightly skewed
Walking downtown with her pink tutu and purple rain boots
Confidence in her swagger
A smile her calling card
Everyone watched her as she sauntered
In front of the store fronts and small cafes
Attraction, not only a physical reaction
But, a fixed point that drew people
And she brought people to her
Her power, she embodied the city
From the sophistication of her top hat
To the flamboyance of her pink tutu
Every skip and hum, a new song
A new story she collected in her back pocket
Until she had a book of memories
She wore as bracelets that jangled with every step
Handed them out to strangers as she walked
So they would not only have a piece of her history
They would have a piece of the city


5 thoughts on “Top Hats and Tutus

  1. I love this poem. However, one word jarred – askew is an adverb or an adjective, not a verb! ‘Askewed’ looks wrong and sounds wrong and spoils that wonderful second line – the image of a superhero in a top hat. I love that character and all of her traits. She reminds me of me when I was so much younger. Thank you for reminding me.

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