Bad Boy

I still daydream of him
Black shadows chase after him
A wicked smile that tells me
He can only be a villain
Trouble tastes sweet
Bringing a rush of danger
That knocks away limitations
Filling your lungs with a gust of crisp air
You feel alive
His memory still ruffles my outline
And I daydream we meet for coffee
I want to hear his history
Fill the jagged edges brush lightly against my ears
As he stretches out in front of me
Swallowing my view
Let every word tap at my senses
Until electricity hisses against my fingertips
I daydream I run my fingers through his hair
One more time
One more sensation to burn into my memory
To hold a piece, a moment of his history
Wrap it around my wrist
Feel its power vibrate against my skin
Knocking away any expectations anchoring me
And I daydream I kiss him
Stealing one more taste of choice
Letting all the labels and roles unravel from my skin
For he is the moment I could forget myself
And be free
Sometimes, I need a reminder
Of the storm in my smile


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