30 Day Writing Challenge-The Night of Your 21st Birthday


My 21st birthday I was still in college and I had a group of friends eager to take me out and get me snockered so I was a tripping, slobbering mess. Unfortunately at that time I had been involved in a long distance relationship, and the boy at the time had started the whole game of “make you so miserable so you leave and I wouldn’t have to claim responsibility for any hurt feelings.” So after a rather volatile conversation, which did soon lead to our eventual demise; I had become really depressed. So I decided to forgo a night of getting blithering drunk, and I settled on crappy movies and a tube of ice cream. This was the era in my life when I still thought I needed a man to define my worth, because how could I be worth anything if no one wanted me? Needless to be said, this thought process changed when I reached thirty and it was probably a good thing I hadn’t gone out to push my alcohol limits, because I later discovered I had a minor allergy to alcohol, so there could blessings in bad events.


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