30 Day Writing Challenge-Things You Would Say to an Ex


Well if anyone knows me or you have read my love poems, then you know my break ups aren’t necessarily pretty or amicable. I guess what I am saying is I am going to let my forked tongue loose and say what I really feel about these gems.

1. Even though you were a valuable lesson to me about self-worth, you still were a complete waste of my time.
2. I hope someday you grow up.
3. I haven’t forgiven you from making me feel insecure, but I want you to know I feel safe once again in my own skin.
4. I had better.
5. Thank you for introducing me to so many cool things like Doctor Who.
6. Get help.
7. I understand I am the psycho girlfriend you may mention every once in a while, and I am okay with that, because at the end of the day; you are still a coward.
8. I don’t feel held back anymore, so thank you for turning out to be a douche bag and helping me to walk away. I may have never gone exploring if it wasn’t for crappy attitude.
9. I wish you hadn’t met my son and played a father figure to him. That was the ultimate betrayal to me.
10. When I feel like I am lonely and I may be missing you, I just remember every critical thing you ever said to me, and I don’t miss you anymore.

I think ten is a good enough amount for this. I really can go on for hours. I am not bitter, but upset in myself for trusting them in the first place. I should have followed my gut and not my heart.


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