30 Day Writing Challenge-My Morning Routine


During the week, I get up in the early morning with the aid of seven alarms. Yes, I have seven alarms set because I am not a morning person and I rather sleep in the morning. I usually yell to get my son up and take a moment to try to gather my thoughts. My son gets himself together and tries to have a conversation, but I have to remind him than in the morning I am not awake and just trying to get everything together and run out the door. I tend to not to get out my mental fog until 1pm. I hate mornings and more of a night owl. I essentially get my dressed and get myself put together physically then head out the door. Dropping my son off at family friend’s house, and I head towards the freeway to join the monstrous commute.

The weekend I tend to try to sleep in until 8am.. 10 if I am lucky. I stay in my jammies for an extra hour or so and chill until my mind catches up to the daylight.


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