30 Day Writing Challenge-My Life in 7 Years


I really should think about the future and plan better, but I tend to be enjoy today kind of gal. Since the topic is asking me to plan and plot the future, I will give this a shot.

In seven years, I will be heading towards 45 yrs old. I am hoping by then I have lost a little weight and gained a few more tattoos. I will have a head of grey hair and few more wrinkles and love them all. I hope to be planning my first trip out of North America and maybe seeing Europe or Asia. My son will heading towards the dreaded 1-6 which means driving and hopefully I still have my hair after that endeavor. I hope we still have our close bond and basically partners in crime. By then, I am hoping I have taken him to his first concert.

I will probably have changed jobs by then and still be working a nine to five job, but hopefully one that is leaving me less stressed and feeling more fulfilled. My blog would be approaching its 11 yr and I will still be growing and changing as a poet. By then my blog for short stories will have taken off as well, and as a result with both blogs that I have gotten some stuff published.

I will have moved away from Seattle and embraced a new home. I would move to an area outside of the city so it has a more rural feeling. A place where you can go to the local coffee shop and gossip with everyone in town and place where you can have your curtains open without feeling someone is always looking in. And since I am living in optimism, I would like to say I have someone special in my life that is good for me and my son. Someone I can nerd with and be okay to be myself.

Cheers for fairy tales!


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