30 Day Writing Challenge-Your Commute


My commute to and from work can be very long and tedious. I easily spend three hours a day commuting to and from work.

My commute starts with my crawl up the hill from my apartment, then a quick trip around the corner to drop my son off at family friend’s place. Then head down 24th passed an elementary school, then a quick turn left then right onto a side road that spills out onto 116th. I pass the yellow street sign warning me to “WATCH FOR VANILLA ICE” then down the hill on a windy two lane road. I merge onto Interurban and follow for a few miles until I merge on to I-5. I follow the sea of brake lights until we are crawling, then I escape onto I-90 bridge and travel that to 405. Then I join the crowd on 405, because I want to be one of the cool kids and follow that all the way to work. With a quick right and another left or two, I am at my place of work.

On the way home, I keep it pretty simple. I follow the main highway by my work all the way south to home. I spend about an hour in a sea of red brake lights and daydreaming of high school crushes or saving the world. I survive the dreaded Coal Creek merging traffic and the 405 S curves, and pass by Renton to a small freeway, where I turn near the airport. With a quick turn, brake and go, I gather up my son and head back down the hill to home.


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