The Table

We all met at the table gathering people laughter echoing and exchanging from every smile passing food and conversations sweet upon tongue we gather to celebrate one person the group in the corner all in black we are the Goth kids surrounded by hipsters we would had been out of place if we weren’t having dinner in a former mortuary we gathered around the black table clinking glasses and our laughter ricocheted off the walls for we were celebrating mish mash of stories layering each other dancing in rising tones and the voices around us hid us in the corner at the table us Goth kids all in black celebrating one life

Gathering in the corner we captured the corner table in dim lighting and dancing skulls decorated with spots and swirls music humming in the back booth littered with jackets and bags we are talking laughing reintroducing ourselves people passing through in and out of the booth hellos goodbyes and where ares celebrating one we found ourselves home with the other Goth kids clinking of glasses conversations mingling with music swaying left and right searching the crowd enjoying the costumes another drink or two for we are celebrating one gathering at a table all dressed in black a family celebrating and rejoicing in one life

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