30 Day Writing Challenge-Your Relationship Status


I am currently single, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I guess I am saying I am choosing to be single in this day of online dating and thirty-second commitments. I know that is a harsh description, but I find actual courtship and taking your time to know someone has been replaced with Facebook official and exchanging NSFW pics. When loyalty is a novel concept, because there is so many ways to cheat on your significant other without getting caught. It seems the dating sites are flooded with people who are currently married or seeing someone but are unhappy, and instead of taking the time to address the issues in the relationship; they turn to the internet for a fling. This I find a very selfish and destructive choice because you are essentially hurting up to two people in this choice, and sadly this seems to be a common thread in dating. I do wish to be with someone at times, because lets face it it is human nature to want a connection with someone, but I am not going to trade my self-worth for it nor sacrifice myself completely. There is a difference between wanting to do something and needing to do something.. and I choose the want concept in a relationship. It took me many years and several jerks to figure out that I want someone who is going to take the time and effort to be with me, and today it seems people treat dating like getting fast food: convenient, fast, cheaply packaged, and not good for you.


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