My Sexuality

My sexuality an animal caged for personal viewing in bars of social hypocrisy so she paced her day while the crowd pointed and laughed jabbed at her with nicknames and expectations crushing her frame until everything was a whimper as branding and locking her into a box of mixed messages

You see my sexuality once set the city on the fire she stalked the streets unravelling her freedom with every step shift of her hip the length of her legs her smile would stop the day and she knotted time around her little finger she understood control with every breath

Now, within a trap of role and request and none were her own so the keepers cinched her up and told her happiness was depending on her kneeling on her begging on her willing to change everything peel off her skin and lay it out so a possible mate could stomp out the life once her own

She once had a voice roaring in motion as she captured eyes collecting hands outline on thighs and wrists for she never forgot nor regretted her movement she was the queen listening to her own orders for happiness relied on the casualness of stature and the kindness of voice

Now caught in double standards that left her starving for touch and people kept throwing books clothes images at her speaking as religion would save her shouting conforming was only proper snickering labels to catch upon her tongue

What if I told you my sexuality saw the bars of your social double standards as an illusion to confine her into a box for your own comfort and she stepped out of your cage leaving the crowd to scream and shudder and the keepers scrambling what if she saw the power in femininity

She knew the storm she controlled with the curve of her smile for she was born of fire and passion not lost in the ice and conformity echoing in the billboards and pressed in the pages for my sexuality knew she was three dimensional and her passion lived in each step


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