30 Day Writing Challenge-Your Feelings on Ageism


I feel ageism isn’t addressed enough today or acknowledged as an issue. I feel it gets pushed in the background for other social issues. As a woman who is getting older, I feel it impacts body image. Today, women are pressured to not age, because you have no value as you get older. Hair dye, Botox, plastic surgery, etc. Women are doing whatever they can to stay “young” and I think that attitude comes from the fact as women if you get older you become undesirable. Gray hair and wrinkles become unattractive and if you let your body take its natural course, then you are equated to a hag or a monster. Your options in life are limited and opportunities are scarce. You are to be expected to be replaced if you don’t remain young and that attitude makes me sick. I embrace every gray hair as a badge and every wrinkle as a memory, and it makes me sad when I tell someone that I am almost forty; they give me a sad or mournful look. I love getting older but because age and getting older is looked at so negatively that the idea of being happy to get older is a foreign idea.


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