30 Day Writing Challenge-A Book That You Loved and One You Don’t


I am an avid book collector, and I used to read tons. Currently, I may read a book or two a year, which I plan to change with my new year resolution… so if you have any books you would suggest.. please post them to this entry.

I have read several books from romance to teen to horror that I have fallen in love with and as a result I have gone out and bought every or almost every book they wrote. Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce is the first book that I had this happen with. It is the first book of a four book series called The Song of the Lioness, and each book is great on their own. Alanna: The First Adventure follows a young noble born girl named Alanna and her choice to become a knight. She is during a time where woman can dabble in magic or become a proper lady, but swinging a sword was strictly for the boys. She chooses to hide her gender and changes her name to Alan to become a warrior, while her twin brother takes her place, so he can learn magic instead of swinging a sword. The first book discusses her journey as a page and discusses her struggles with bullying and hiding her true sex. She makes several friends and one being Prince Jonathon. She has many visions about a Black City, and knows her journey needs to her take her there. It is a great read. Even though the book is marketed as a young adult novel, it is a great read for adults as well. Easy to read and characters that are memorable and endearing. Alanna is a well-rounded character with strengths and faults, and it is a pleasure to read her journey form a girl to a knight to a legend. These books were written in the eighties and still great reads. I had to hunt these books down to acquire the entire set, but they have been rereleased so they are much easy to find now.

I find it hard to think of a book I hated because I usually find something that saves the story. Majority of the stories I wind up not liking are related to books I had to read in school, so those don’t count, because part of the dislike is a result of being forced to read them. If I was to choose a book that isn’t my favorite or I found to be disappointing, then it would be Silk by Caitlin R. Kiernan. This story takes place in the South or I always seem to place the story in the South in my head. It centers around a group of broken people with dark pasts and darker habits. Drugs, sex and goth culture all balled up in gritty and disjointed writing. A story about real monsters aren’t always the things that thump under the bed but sometimes are the skeletons in the closet. I disliked this book because at the time I read it, I found the writing to be rough and hard to follow. I felt I was mentally stumbling or experiencing a bad acid trip, which I think was the point of the writing style. It has been around a decade since I last read it, and I am willing to give it another shot, because I am older and have seen some of the darker side expressed in the book.

Again… if there are any books you would recommend… leave them as a comment on this post.


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