Stormy, Your Voice

Let the day fall into a puddle at my feet stomp through the minutes until all the arguments are only ripples crashing on the outer edges and the middle was clear a reflection of my smudged eyeliner smeared lipstick and thunder cracks through the air in the form of your voice each comment smolders like the tip of your cigarette you leave the door open to the car for me to come in

Come into your cage lock me cinch me tight with the seat belt love is a broken windshield splintering into cracks zigging and zagging along the front until the strain hits you gripping your wrists tightly until the sound of the faults hiss in your ear then you finally break

Breaking is this smile until every compliment makes me wince your name stings my lips until bust open fracturing the words I love you from whispers and peripheral stares watching door listening for shaking keys and the storm grows outside flashes of lightning contain memories of when I actually wanted you to come home

Home topsy turvy place raining in the living room you gather yourself on the couch while the floor wraps around me holding me close overcast are my eyes swirling in gray I press these memories into bruises upon back, legs scrambling to the door

The door opens and the storm wails around me tugging on clothes yanking on arms twisting me around and around until the lies all spill in drowning in discontent dodging fragments of us glass memorials the storm rages in your eyes and I take shelter outside holding the rain like my tears pooling into goodbye stomping through the puddles breaking your memory with every beat of my foot

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