30 Day Writing Challenge-A Place You Would Live but Have Not Visited


I have always had a fascination with Ireland, and I would love to live there. The scenery and the green. I imagine it to be magical with its mythology and sorry.. I know I know stereotyping.. I think of fey and leprechauns. Also, I would really like to hit the pubs and enjoy the merriment. I feel my muses would fall in love and I could get lost in my creativity there.

I would also consider Japan, but that would be more of a harsh transition on me since I can’t speak or read Japanese. I could see myself getting lost and frustrated, but at the same time I would be immersed in the energy and the culture. I am an anime fanatic so would be my heaven.

If I had to choose within the United States, I am drawn to the East Coast. Possibly Boston or Charleston. I have even considered Maine. All the history, and ghost stories, plus the would love to see the leaves turn in the fall. If I really want to stay in warmer climate, I would live in Hawaii. I found the vibe to be very relaxing and laid back.


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