30 Day Writing Challenge-Your Earliest Memory


So these days I am lucky if I remember what I am supposed to be doing at work, but I will give this a try. My earliest memory is more like a montage of scenes and events.

Here a few of the clips that come to mind:

Creating a playhouse out of my grandparent’s new appliance boxes. I remember I had blankets and stuffed animals and they had made windows that were different shapes.

Playing with my toys and creating new worlds or hideouts by just dropping a blanket in a pile on the floor. I would use the shape to mimic rocks, mountains or buildings.

We had a silver trailer in the back of our house that was around the height of the house or a little taller, and I found a way to reach the ladder and climbed to the top, and like any kid; I jumped off it. My fear of heights hadn’t kicked in.

Remember my very first day at school and I didn’t realize you live your school supplies there. I had packed them all back up in my backpack then spilled them across the hallway as I was heading to the bus.

I remember when my grandmother lived with my mom and I, and how much I loved having her there, and I cried when she decided to move out and I wouldn’t see her every day.

Remember when I would have daddy long legs crawl all over me and I wasn’t scared. I would search them out in my grandparent’s garden and hold out my arm near one that was crawling and coax it to get on my arm.

I remember the first and only time I was in the vice principal’s office for kissing on the playground, and I remember me and my “boyfriend” lying like no other that we had no clue. I had almost missed the bus which would have been waiting for my mom to drive 20 miles to get me. We snuck out to the playground to swing and hang out.. and yeah.. well I never said I was a saint.

I had a childhood spent in the country, so it was full of adventures, trees, and sheningans. These are just a few of my earlier memories.


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