30-Day Writing Challenge: Five problems with social media


So there is some irony in complaining about social media on a blog, but irony is how the world works these days, so lets give this a whirl.

1. The social disconnection. The whole point of social media is to be able to reach, talk and learn from people all over the nation and world. It makes everyone more accessible, but in turn; we are becoming disconnected with the people immediately around us. We no longer just go somewhere and talk to each other, but spend most of our time staring at our phones or computers looking at updates about people miles away from us. We have stopped learning how to socialize and interact with each other, and chosen instead to focus our time on page feeds.

2. The addiction. Social media is the new crack. We are all eager to instagram our meals, overload Facebook with every emotional outburst or twittering every movement we are making. We are quick to check our notifications and scroll through feeds that we are willing to neglect ourselves and people around us. We will check our phones multiple times when talking with friends and the constant need to video and take pictures of every event we go to as if to prove we are living these experiences. So a personal pet peeve… the row of people in the front holding up their smartphones so everyone behind them only sees the event through a tiny little screen. Guess what.. a tiny screen isn’t the same thing. Put away the phones and disconnect. Enjoy the experience and if you want people to know about it.. here is a concept: TALK ABOUT IT!. Rant done.

3. The numerous updates. All programs need to update to make sure to get rid of bugs, improve software and sure.. changes are needed. But when you have so many updates that the users are confused or frustrated, this is only going to spell trouble. Then spew forth the endless status updates, and the possible result of people to stop using the program. Sometimes, when programs change to just change and there is no reason behind it, then you just get irritated and disgruntled, because most likely the one thing you wanted to do and could do yesterday has been changed to a process that makes it more tedious and complex.

4. The hate-mongers. You know those special few that troll the internet and indulge in humiliating or just being dicks to people. We all have met them… most of mine have been hate mail on online dating sites, but that is for another rant. I am glad you have grown a set, but I think there is a more productive way to spend your time and maybe you should invest in a hobby.

5. The self-centeredness. Lets face it. Social media gives us a way to talk about ourselves all the time. It gives us a ready made audience. I am guilty of this too.. well I probably could say I am guilty of all my arguments at some point of time. We are able to talk about ourselves without really stopping to listen or ask about someone else, and as a result we have forgotten how to shut up for a second and ask, then indulge in a basic conversation.

These are my opinions, which are biased and narrow. As with many opinions, agree or don’t agree that is your right. I enjoy social media, but also recognize the monster it can be. So I would encourage anyone to disconnect for a time each day, because sometimes silence can be just as liberating.


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