Love Poem #31

This poem may have triggers. A moment I could have easily not written about or ignored, but then again not every love poem is pretty and clean.

I closed my eyes
Hoping the alcohol would take over
Or burn away

I closed my eyes
Pretending to sleep so maybe
He would stop touching me

I closed my eyes
I really didn’t want to be there
I had been upset, but now
I just wanted to be home

I closed my eyes
To avoid seeing
His undone zipper with its little silver teeth

I closed my eyes
Because I can’t stop thinking
Of me as a little girl and HIM
I could still feel
His mouth

I closed my eyes
Because I was older now
And I should know how to fight back
To say no

I closed my eyes
My tongue had stopped working
And my body was imploding
I fell into myself
Trying to escape
And disappear

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