Life Caught in the Fast Lane

The days get caught
In the back of my throat
Until I am choking on the time
Coughing out seconds
As I scrambled to smother my mouth
For every second lost
Couldn’t be regained
Rushing and stumbling around
Leaving the week
Poorly digesting in my stomach
And heart burn rumbling in my chest

I just want
To stand

Let the days
Osmosis into the bloodstream
So the months mingled
Under the skin
Everything tangible
Evaporated into memories
And caught them
Simply by closing eyes
And standing still

I just want
To stand

Captured into a timeline
Of status updates and timers
The world spun uncontrollably
Behind my eyes
And all I could do
Was run
Attempting to tackle every event
With gusto
Before it faded into a thin thread of thought
That left me wanting another fix
Because, yes
Living has become an addiction
We all were trying to achieve

I just want
To stand

I could remember
The moment
My life had hit the fast forward button
I had been speaking with my grandmother
My tongue twisted and turned
In record time
So fast, my grandmother told me
To slow down
Two words that together
Were a foreign policy
In which my body was still out
With its extensive hearings on the benefit
These two words held together

I just want
To stand

Body crumbling
Mind exasperated
For as quick as I collected another thought
Time snatched it away
Until I felt awake
While the rest of me slept
Continuing to hit the snooze button in protest
I struggled to find a moment
To allow silence in

I just want
To stand

Giving a moment
For gratitude
My age lingered in the wrinkles
At the corner of my eyes
I wanted a moment
To stand still
So I could understand
This masterpiece of my life


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