Liquid Sun

Walking alone
In the rain
My feet slow dancing
Through each puddle
Watching as the town
Fades to red
And the only traffic
Are leaves scuttling down the street
A hint of smoke lingers on the air
I look up to the overcast skies
Trying to trace each trail of smoke
Rain drops shatter against my face
Breaking and sliding down my cheeks
Clutching at loose hairs
Close my eyes for the sky is falling
The sky is falling
Or is it the sun
Evaporating into the clouds
Until they overflow
And each drop of rain
A part of the sun
Falling to the ground
Open my arms trying to catch every piece
For we are lost in overcast skies
Each drop saturating my jacket
Until I shiver
With every tremble I lose more of summer
Tightening the scarf around my neck
Trying to hold in every memory
The wind roars around me
The trees shake to its angry harmony
And I find myself
Walking alone
Back home
To dry out every drenched memory
Of sunlight and warmth
Then press them between the pages of yesterday


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