Carry Out


Please carry out
All the baggage
You brought
Tucked under your arm
As a souvenir
Of a post-apocalyptic time
When relationships went off
As grenades
Leaving you shattered, broken
With shrapnel of insults and betrayals
Deeply embedded into your heart
With no hope, no plan
To be removed
Carry out
This self-made vehicle
With its spinning wheels of entitlement
Glaring and flashing with each revolution
A rebellion threatened your tongue
And bombarded every partner’s shores
With reasons and excuses why
Nothing would last
Carry out
Your carefully tattered memories
Neatly pressed between your tear saturated palms
Sing louder and louder, so you can’t hear
Anything outside the creaking of your heart
As another fragment dug deeper
Kept telling everyone to pity
The cracks
Pay homage to only your pain
For you had nicely decorated the pew
With every wrongdoing that happened to you
Please carry out
Your baggage
Your endless conversations about your feelings, emotions, thoughts
Leaving no room for anyone else to come in
So when the door closed behind you
And you finally got tired of hearing yourself speak
You could hear the silence of your every lost opportunity
And try to move forward with your towering baggage


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