30 Day Challenge-Day 24 thru Day 26


Day 24-Seven common thoughts..

Is it Friday?

I really need to write tonight.

I really want to see (insert concert or movie here).

Gabe… I hope he is doing okay.

I should really take him to (insert place, movie, etc.)

I really need more time in the day.

Day 25-Who would you rather date plain joe with amazing personality or beautiful tom with no personality….

I am all about personality. In fact, I rarely trust or like pretty boys, because majority of the time they know they are pretty and are very conceited… this is based off personal experiences. I tend to enjoy conversations more and great conversations are a major turn on.

Day 26-the little details that cause warm fuzzies

Freshly cleaned and dried sheets

Hot chocolate on a cold day

My son’s smile

Hug from my son

A great play or concert

Big fluffy blankets

Compliments from a crush

October and all the Halloween inspired events


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