30 Day Challenge-A letter to someone


Dear JD,

The second year is closing in, and I still think about you every day. I know, I know… stop it! I miss you, and I wish I had been a better friend at times. I should have called you more, and should have shown up sooner. This is in the past, so all I can do is tell you about the now.
You are on my mind every day. I still remember your laugh and our banter. You had a large heart and were the greatest friend I ever had. You were my sounding board and held so many of my stories and secrets.
I have felt a little lost lately, so I have stepped back a little and tried to find myself again. I am still keeping up with my writing and wish I could still torture you with my bad writing. 😉 I find I don’t like crowds much anymore and I rather be dancing at home alone than at a club. Maybe, that is just me getting old.
I made it back to Moscow this year. I walked in the march like I did before, and went to the drag show. I still found myself looking for you at the afternoon rally. It was good. I miss the feeling of community that Moscow has, and I am contemplating leaving Seattle.
My son is nine years old… I know wow! He has gotten so big. He is a character, and I can imagine you laughing with him. He is special and is my little partner in crime.
This letter is for you and your ghost in my head. A way to tell you I miss you and thank you for being in my life and being a great friend.


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