Late Afternoon Drink with my Inner Hyena and Anxiety

Laughter erupts out of nowhere
I realize as I choke down my last sip
It is me
Tears catch my eyes off guard
Grabbing at my shirt
Twisting the fabric in a panic
As I howl louder
Body shaking, eyes grow wider
Everyone looking
Driving my laughter to a new volume
I find myself
Unable to breathe
And the conversation becomes internal
For my hyena grows mean with every second
Grinding its teeth into my lungs
Growling its demands for attention
To look and examine this pain
Balling itself up until it erupts
Driving thorns into her side
Now I have to pick them out
Each insult a prick
My skin twitches as if it is separate from this body
Trying to make a break away from my madness
Anxiety is waiting
Pulling me over her head
Wearing my every thought, every emotion
Taking over
She shakes and trembles
Fear and panic enters the laughter
Curling into myself
I try to ignore her
And her lullabies of tears and screams
Curling into myself
I try to keep myself safe
From my hyena’s bite
And the constant sting in my chest
Curling into myself
Whispering over and over again
Everything will be okay


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