Walking Backwards

Dream-Being funneled into an auditorium with my current team at work. The seats are black. Some of my coworkers wave at me and smile. I notice I am still in my pajamas and my shirt is on backwards. No one notices and I am not bothered by it. I take my seat and realize I can’t see over the seats. I shift and move, but still can’t see. I wave my arm, but no one notices.

Walking behind
I knew I wasn’t the same
Always saw things
So when you told me to jump
I always fell
Never could see
Over the top
For it was black
And everyone else
Caught in the cracks
My awkwardness
Made me free
It also made me a target
An outcast
To your forward jumping
Falling backwards
For I never fit in to your lines
Slightly scribbled
For I could never see
Over the top
And never fit in the cracks


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