Weekly Theme #6-Build Me A Poem

This week will a little more challenging for me.  I am taking my poems away from paper and pen or computer screen and keyboard.  The poems will be constructed from other elements.  Not long ago I saw a fellow WordPress blogger do this–excuse me, in all my glory I forgot to write down the blogger’s name, but if you read this… Thank you for the inspiration.  They constructed poems from hardback book titles. I thought this was an interesting idea.  I did something similar with Storybird a couple years ago.  You were given a picture and a preset vocabulary, and you had to come up with a poem from that.  So I am going to scour my books and movies, and see if I can create magic within their titles.  I will also use headlines from magazine articles, maybe even create a ransom note style poem from words found in a magazine.  I will also look into maybe writing a poem on my skin… even though that would be using a eyeliner pencil… it would limit the canvas to my skin.  I think this could be fun and challenging, and I would truly be getting inspiration from my surroundings.

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