White Roses

Alice greeted the day with a smile

She had stories for everyone

And laughter a free perk

Fragile, she shuffled down the hall

Talking about how she used to love to garden

Now, her hands got too sore

And her knees ached too much

So she settled on gardening shows

Everyone knew

Alice loved white roses

And every Mother’s day

Her granddaughter would show up

With a bouquet of five white roses

Then her grandson came in the afternoon

Taking her out for a few hours, bouquet and all

She would return, quiet and wearing a soft smile

The roses nowhere to be seen

One Mother’s Day, a fellow resident asked

And everyone perked their ears up to hear

Alice smiled, and told them it was quite simple

It was Mother’s Day.

Four roses went on the graves of her daughters she lost too soon

And one rose goes on a grave of a women that just recently passed away

You didn’t stop being a mother when you passed away

You just spoke to hearts instead.

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